VinDrop offers education at the enthusiast and professional levels, for the home wine-lover and for the industry at large.

Private education.

For private, business- and home-oriented tastings and classes, including private tutorials geared toward ease at business dinners, please visit the Private Services page here.

Industry development.

For clients who wish to improve wine sales and drive professional development, VinDrop offers comprehensive, custom-built educational tools and programs on a consulting platform. Tailored staff education programs are ideal for new concepts and existing businesses looking to boost their service profile.

VinDrop education is focused on an aesthetic, engaging approach to orienting staff members with current industry trends and relevant regions.

General programs include:

  • 101-style introductory syllabus designed to orient staff members who are new or novice wine professionals and engage intermediate staff with foundation knowledge of current industry trends.
  • Basic coverage of relevant growing regions with focus on distinctions in geography, climate and regional production traditions. Comprehensive overview enables staff members to make confident, independent connections and suggestions for guests and customers on the fly.
  • Exercises focused on vocabulary and language development designed to improve staff's clarity and efficacy when discussing and describing wine with guests and customers.